Surveys & Site Meetings

Our dedicated team of qualified surveyors use the latest technology to ensure that we will always provide consistent and safe advice. Our bespoke TM app allows our on-site surveyors to produce a detailed report, in which any mitigating site-specific details can be addressed and resolved prior to the works commencing. The finalised survey report will then be sent to our client, which can include a CAD drawing and quotation.

CAD Drawings & Signage

Having our very own graphics department contributes greatly toward making our service bespoke. Our graphics team can readily make most signs found in the TSRGD, they also oversee the making and placing of Advanced Warning Signs and have total control over our Variable Message Signs (VMS). Furthermore, their ability to construct on demand detailed OS CAD Drawings ensures that the TTRO’s & TTSA’s can be submitted almost instantaneously, guaranteeing a greater success rate when applying for permits.


Our planning team and project managers are always there to offer free advice and assistance. When required, we complete, submit and update the traffic management applications on behalf of our clients - our planning team will then notify our clients once the applications have been approved. The assigned project manager will oversee each client individually and will liaise with any governing authority, transport service or stakeholders necessary. We aim to take the stress away from our clients so they can best focus on the job at hand.

Our History

Established in 1978 near Brentwood Essex, Triplex began its early life working in the water jetting industry, supporting bridge, dock and drainage works in Essex and London. Come the 1980’s, the grassroots of traffic management began to take seed, although at this time it was simply referred to as “road works.” During the mid-90’s Triplex’s soul focus was Traffic Management & Coring, and it remains so to this very day.

Our Ethos

At Triplex Traffic Management we value quality, safety and respect. Our task is to unite the skills and attributes of our workforce with the promise to provide a professional, safe and quality level of service. We are strongly committed to reducing our carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment by ensuring that our environmental policies are both comprehensive and proactive.

Our Clients

Over the decades, quality customer service has been at the forefront of our business strategy. We ensure that our clients, old or new, receive the same level of quality, professionalism and safety throughout our service.

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